1. Who is Htek?
Founded in 2010, Htek is the first company specialized in  developing and manufacturing XRF instruments in China.
XRF analyzer is widely used in Precous metal jewelry(Gold, Platinum), Mineral Exploration,Alloy analysis, Rohs monitoring etc.
After almost 7 years of rapid growth, we have been exporting our XRF products since 2001, so far we have accumulated more than a dozen of freign agents from every continent of the world.
2. How to be qualified as local agent of Htek?
Buy one unit of any  Htek model and sign a contract with us, then you are the agent of Htek.
If you do a good job in your market, we will authorize you as exclusive one.
3. How would we support you?
The most competitive agent price in the world.
The most professional and dedicated technical service, it will exceed your highest expectation.
There are 10 international service engineers waiting to help, on-line service for life time free of charge.
In case of necessary, some one would fly to your place to help and support.
Further, we will try to meet any possible requirements you think is important.
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